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Our Village: Baan Wiang Thong

The best way to get around Chiang Mai is by motorbike.

Today’s blog is a little random, but I thought it would be nice to write a short post about living in a Thai neighborhood. Our neighborhood is referred to as a village, and is known around Chiang Mai as Wiang Thong.  Mostly Thai people live here, but I have seen a few other foreigners around as well.

We have just about everything we need right here in the neighborhood.  We have several small family-owned restaurants run out of people’s homes, two small stores with basics, household items, and snacks, and two reverse osmosis water tanks where you can refill your water bottles practically for free.  There is even a small mechanic and the best massage in Chiang Mai!

FebCornerRestaurant  FebTownCenter

My town square and having lunch at my neighbor’s “patio café”


We also have a Wat, or temple right behind our house.  There are celebrations and event on holidays,  readings and announcements over the neighborhood loudspeaker, and sometimes in the early morning you can hear the monks chanting.

FebTemple1  FebTempleWall

   Traditional “wai” pose at our temple.


Sadly, some people have abandoned dogs and cats around the temple.  However, Thai people are generally very kind to stray animals, and the monks also help care for them.  Our street has a soi cat (street cat) named Nuamchok, which means “good luck” in Thai.  He can usually be seen hanging around houses all down the street, waiting to see if anyone has any treats for him.  Sometimes he comes to my house and is so tired he goes right to sleep, other times he just likes to sit and watch whatever project I am working on until he falls asleep.  When the sun comes up, he’s up and on his way to do cat things all day!


Nuamchok, the tie-dye kitty.


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